Bargaining Agreements and Salary Schedules

Last Updated: 10/17/2019 5:33 PM

Following are links to North Mason School District's Bargaining Agreements.  Please go to the last pages of each to see current salary schedules.

Association of North Mason School Administrators ANMSA 2019-2022 Agreement.

North Mason Education Association NMEA 2020-2021 Agreement (Certificated Staff)


Public School Employees of North Mason School District PSE 2019-2022 Agreement (Classified Staff)

United Food and Commercial Workers Union UFCW 2019-2022 Agreement (Transportation)

North Mason Extracurricular Association COACHES 2015-2020 Agreement
Coaches Stipend 2017-2020

North Mason School District CERTIFICATED SUBSTITUTES Schedule (Effective 9/01/2018)

North Mason School District CASUAL BUS DRIVER SUBSTITUTES Schedule (Effective 1/01/2018)