Preschool Registration Information

In 2018 State and Federal Pre-School Programs (Head Start and ECEAP) joined the North Mason School District Special Services Developmental Pre-School Program to establish early learning services at the Mary E. Theler Early Learning Center. Starting the 2019-20 school year an Early Entrance Kindergarten Program will be added to this location. This center is located at 22871 WA-3, Belfair 98528 or call 360-277-2344.

Although there are different criteria needed to qualify for each of these programs (Head Start, ECEAP, Developmental Pre-School and Early Entrance Kindergarten), once a student qualifies the staff at the center will join forces to create an inclusionary climate of planned learning activities for children of all abilities to participate in at designated times during the school day.

Limited bus transportation to and from school is provided for the center’s classroom programs.  If your child is offered bus service an adult to be present at the bus stop for the ride to school and again to meet the child at the stop on the return trip at the end of the school day. 

Pre-School: The 3 to 5 years old early childhood programs that are currently offered:

Head Start: Head Start Program provides structured learning experiences for 6 hours a day, 4 to 5 days a week, running mostly concurrent to the NMSD School Year.  Families must meet program income qualifications to enroll in a Head Start Program. If the income requirement for Head Start is met, the student is eligible for classroom services in the Developmental Pre-School Program and able to sustain the longer school day a student can attend the Head Start Program.  Families must transport their child to and from this program. For information about the Head Start Program call 360-478-6889 or 360-478-6860.

Blended – ECEAP/Developmental Pre-School: This AM and PM program provides two 3 hour early learning sessions Tuesday – Friday mostly concurrent with the NMSD School Year.  Families must meet program qualification for ECEAP or students must qualify for classroom services under the Developmental Pre-School Program.  Transportation to and from the AM and PM session is available for families who’s child attends this Blended Program.  For information about the AM and PM Blended - ECEAP/Developmental Pre-School 3 hour Tuesday – Friday Program or Child Find call the Mary E. Theler Early Learning Center 360-277-2344.

Early Entrance Kindergarten:  Students who turn 5 years old before the start of the next school year have not had any formal early learning program attendance and demonstrate some academic or social emotional need.

This ½ year full day program is free for any student who resides within the North Mason School District who have not participated in any formal early learning program and who have a birthday which will allow them to start kindergarten in the fall. These students must also demonstrate some area of need academically or social emotionally.  The registration for this program will start in November and the classes will start after winter break. For more information please call the Mary E. Theler Early Learning Center 360-277-2344.

CHILD FIND for Developmental Pre-School or Educationally Related Therapy: Students must qualify for these special services by demonstrating significant delays in at least one of five child developmental areas: Social-Emotional, Speech/Communication, Adaptive (life skills), Cognitive, or Motor (fine/gross). If you have a child or know of a child that you suspect may experience delays in one or more of these areas please contact the Special Services Department of North Mason Schools at 360-277-2111 to request a screening. Child Find screenings occur at the center on select Mondays during the school year.

  • Developmental Pre-School:  Students served must demonstrate developmental delays in at least one of the five child developmental areas (listed under CHILD FIND). Students who qualify for Developmental Pre-School classroom services may participate in the Head Start - School Day program as space is available or the AM or PM Blended ECEAP/Developmental Pre-School programs.
  • Educationally Related Therapy: Student who are evaluated for the Developmental Pre-School may not qualify for a classroom based Developmental Pre-School Program but may qualify for therapy specific services of Speech/Communications or Motor (fine/gross) skill areas. These students are generally served in a one-on-one or small group setting with a therapist for about 30 minutes a week. Parents must provide transportation to and from these therapy sessions.